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Zip Tennis - Ages 2-8 (Wayland)

The Zip tennis program is designed for players ages 2-8 using foam and low compression tennis balls, with racquets and the court (36 foot) scaled to a players age and size. The Zip program is designed to be a FUN introduction to tennis. Players will learn tennis strokes, develop motor skills, learn how to keep score, develop rallying skills and understand how points are won and lost. There are several levels to our Zip program:  


  • Tennis Tots (Offered in Wayland ONLY):

  • This is a caregiver/child class designed to introduce kids 2-3 years old to tennis. There is a focus on eye-hand coordination as well as teaching tots to listen and wait their turn.


  • Toddler Tennis (Offered in Wayland ONLY):

  • This clinic is for kids 3-4 years old. Our toddler classes introduce many skills to help them develop balance, control and agility on the tennis court.


  • Pre Zip:

  • Clinics are designed for 4-5 year olds with little or no tennis experience. Classes focus on motor skills, balance, coordination, agility and racket skills.

  • Zip I:

  • Clinics are designed for 5 year olds who have taken Pre Zip clinic and 6 year olds with little or no tennis experience. Classes focus on motor skills, balance, coordination, agility, racket skills and rallying skills.

  • Zip II:

  • Clinics are designed for 6 year olds who have taken a Zip I clinic and 7 year olds with little tennis experience. Classes have more emphasis on rallying skills, serving and point play. 

  • Zip III:

  • Clinics are designed for advanced 7 year olds who have taken a Zip II clinic and 8 year olds with little or no experience or with previous Zip III experience. Classes focus on rallying skills, serving, point play and the rules of tennis. 


FUTURES - Ages 8-10


This blended ball clinic (orange/green dot) is where players begin to develop a solid foundation for their game. With the emphasis on consistency, core fundamentals including grips, racquet preparation, movement and stroke production are the focus of this clinic. 

CHALLENGERS - Ages 10-12


This blended ball clinic (green dot/yellow) is where players build on the skills taught in Futures. The biomechanics of stroke production, along with the tactical system of directionals, are both introduced. Stances, contact moves, doubles tactics and strategy are incorporated into the players foundation. 

New England Tennis Academy

The Longfellow Clubs have been synonymous with excellence and a leader in the tennis industry for decades. We are now expanding that reputation with the creation of the Longfellow Tennis Academy at the Wayland Campus for serious tournament players to bring the best training to New England’s best players. The Sectional (8-10 year olds - orange and green ball) and Regional (10-12 year olds - green and yellow ball) programs at the Longfellow Tennis Academy are directed by Jamey Finchum, one of the top 12 & Under coaches in the country. The two levels of the National (13-18 year olds - yellow ball) program at the Longfellow Tennis Academy are led by Eric Westcott, who has worked with many sectional and nationally ranked juniors. The Longfellow Club has been recognized over the years as the leading tennis center for tournament players to come hone their skills. The Longfellow Tennis Academy is comprehensive and holistic in its approach to each individual player. The LTA will incorporate a solid foundation of               technique, an understanding of tactics and point development, and includes fitness and mental toughness training for a complete tennis training program to develop serious tournament player from red to yellow!


                                                        All LTA players get free use of the playSight Smart                                                               Court system and free match play! Entry into the all                                                               Longfellow Tennis Academy programs is by invite only.                                                         To schedule an evaluation please contact Jamey                                                                   Finchum or Eric Westcott.

Court Warrior Academy

(Orange, Green, Yellow/Prep) - Ages 7-12

(Natick Campus)

This invitation only program is for serious USTA tournament players who have competed in at least 30 tournament matches per calendar year. Selection criteria includes (but is not limited to): athleticism, sportsmanship, work ethic, USTA ranking, private coaching and full time commitment to the sport. The focus is on building a keen understanding of technique, constructing points, developing anticipation skills and a personal style of play. In addition, advanced footwork (contact and balance moves) will be incorporated into their shot making. The NETT is directed by a USPTA Certified Coach. Fitness and sports psychology components are also incorporated in the weekly curriculums.

Champions - Ages 12-18

(Wayland & Natick Campus)

The Longfellow Champions program is designed to meet all the needs of the aspiring and current high school tennis player. If your child’s goal is to play high school tennis, we have the program for you.


Pre High School Training:

  • This program is for 7th and 8th graders who love tennis and are looking to make their High School team. The players in this program usually play some USTA tournaments, but their main focus is playing High School tennis.


High School Division II:

  • This program is designed for players that are currently playing junior varsity tennis or are 9th graders looking to make their high school team and want to shape and refine their game. The curriculum is designed to focus on doubles play to get the high school player ready for the season.


High School Division I:

  • This program is designed for players that are currently playing varsity tennis and want to shape and refine their game. The curriculum is designed for the player to get the most out of their time here, both in advanced technique development and advance tactics and strategy.





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Up or Down?

Spinning the racket before an 8 & Under Team match at the Zip Zone.